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Bio Tim Gorree


My Career Highlights


1988 - 1991 Graphics Technician at Joh. Enschede Security Printing in Haarlem, the Netherlands, at the lithography department producing security printed products such as stamps, banknotes and credit-cards.


Experience with industrial scale computerized communication production hardware and software equipment.


1992 - Bought my first Apple LCII running Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress


1994 - 1997 Professional artist airbrusher at Art Light


1996 - Brief internship at Digistar Internet Services in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada


1999 - 2000 Co-Author of the book "From Surfing to Homepage" published in 1999 (1st edition) and 2000 (2nd edition) by Sybex Publishing


1999 - I built a student collaboration Extranet website for the MBA Unit of the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland (now Aalto University)


1999 - 2001 System Specialist, Business Engine, pipeline management, Product Process Creation Solutions, Broadband Solutions, Nokia Networks


2001 - Winner of Venture Challenge Award for Virtual Characters Mobile Application at Nokia


2001 - 2004 - Nokia Communications Officer for Nokia Online Services at Nokia Networks from 2001-2004, responsible for all internal and external communications


2004 - Founder of Helsinki Times in 2004, possibly the only blog in the World that turned into an actual Newspaper in 2007


2005 - 2006 Proposal of Mobile Application Store based on RSS Feeds at Mobile Software Unit, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia


2006 - 2010 Core Team Member of Nokia 2.0 from 2006-2010, Concept Owner of Avatar Concepts at Nokia


2006-2011 Digital CEO of Nokia in Second Life


 - Initiator and producer of Nokia Virtual Shop in Second Life and delivering keynote speech for it's actual CEO.


 - Facilitator and technical enabler for countless enterprise workshops and meetings inside virtual worlds using 3D Simulation and Collaboration Technology


 - Various Public Speaking engagements about Virtual Worlds at Helsinki University of Technology, MetaMeets, Imagina, Learing Miles, Sula Pinta YLE Radio, Producer Day, YLE with Tuija Aalto  2006 - 2013

- Silver IMAGINA Award, Monaco for Best Intraverse in 2009 for Nokia Presence in Second Life


2011 - Initiator of Virtual IPO of Nokia on Empire Avenue


2011 - #267  'Most Influential on the Internet' according to Fast Company Magazine Influence Project


2013 -  Helped organise an Art Exhibition and produced immersive mobile game with over 2000 attendees for Finnish rock-star legend Andy McCoy


2013 - Personal manager of Anthony Dyson, creator of R2D2 in 2013 during Robotics Week Finland


Founder of Digistars LLC in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland


2014 - Built for a well known Art business in the Netherlands


2014 - Helped to establish for a global motorcycle tour operator


2015 - Re-built for Finlands internationally most famous and best selling contemporary artist Juhani Palmu


2015 - Produced Gamification App with and for Executive training company Learning Miles




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