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Gamification Workshop (1 day)


During this course you will learn about the basic principles of gamification and how to apply these in your own business processes.


You will become familiar with the opportunities, pitfalls, best practices and principles that help companies get the most out of actually engaging business processes.


At the end of the day, you will have a sound understanding of this field, and you will see new opportunities in various aspets of your business.


You may also begin the design process here for your own gamified solution.


  • Gamification Workshop

  • Social Media Management

  • Portal Optimization

  • Mobile Applications

  • Websites

  • Gamified Solutions (full stack)

  • Digital Engagement

  • Organizational Development Solutions

  • Event Engagement



Gamification Workshop & Concept Creation (2 days)


This hands-on workshop will teach you the ins and outs of Gamification, using the most tangible of practical examples.


This course will also allow you to further  develop and validate your own gamification concept where you will be acting as a game designer yourself for the duration of the workshop.


The outcome is a project or business plan, or a project validation for an existing gamification project.




Advanced Gamification Workshop (3 days)


During the Advanced workshop you will learn in greater depth and detail about gamification.


Typically, this workshop is typically for when a concept has been validated and you are ready to start the implementation and actual building phase of your project of gamified solution. 


The outcome of this workshop is a clear picture of the desired course of action.



From Wireframe to Code


Once you have your game plan ready it is time to make it a reality. We make wireframes and discuss these with the client. At this point, we also start creating the IT Architecture. When all is agreed, we start the actual build.



From Pilot to Go-Live


We can implement a custom made solution into yor existing IT Infrastructure, or implement one of several gamification engine solution. Get in touch for more information. 



Digital Products and Social Media Management


Please get in touch for your specific inquiry. We have excellent and unique in house knowledge ranging from web 2.0 to social media management to dozens of gamification engines to building websites, databases and more. We can also tap in to an excellent network of world class professionals in many hard to find disciplines. Let us know how we can help you.


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