DIGISTARS / LearningMiles Team wins 1st PRIZE at #SLUSH #SLUSHHACKS #ULTRAHACK in IoT Future of Reta


1st prize at Ultrahack IoT Future of Retail Tieto Challenge



That is the only word accurate enough to describe the spectacular course of events and EPIC WIN that took place over the last week right here in Helsinki, Finland.

To be specific, from 6-8 november at the ULTRAHACK Hackathon, and on November 12 at SLUSH competing in the SLUSHHACKS competition.


We ended up winning the Ultrahack Trophy 1st prize in the category IoT - Future of Retail, access to Tieto's SPARK! Partner Program, and an extra Bonus Prize from the Finnish Patent Office for showing excellence in IPR Planning.

All in the course of just 48 hours.

It is only a couple of weeks ago when we decided to participate and put together a 3-person team.

Our small team consisted of just 3 people, Andriy Tymchenko, Backend Wizard, due to circumstances participating from abroad, Johan Sigfrids from Learning Miles LLC and Tim Gorree from Digistars LLC.

The primary reason for our participation was that we wanted to reward the development team consisting of people from Digistars LLC and LearningMiles LLC for the achievements realized in the creation of the Learning Miles Talent Application in the preceding months, and to so do something fun together.

Having Fun with Hacking

Talking about fun, here is what went down:

Tiim Gorree and Johan Sigfrids

On the 6th of november, we arrived at ULTRAHACK with an open mind.